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About Ny

A daughter, God mother, aunt, cousin, friend, and INFLUENCER. STACKED By Ny is owned and operated by Nyjua, a black female entrepreneur from Michigan. She started her weight loss journey in 2017 to increase her life expectancy after realizing she was creating a life full of bad eating and lifestyle habits. STACKED understands that starting your healthy lifestyle journey may not be the easiest thing to do. She has cried, laughed, started over and fought her thoughts through it all, but one thing she has not done is GIVE UP. She values trusting the process and believes that we are all BUILT DIFFERENT!

STACKED By Ny the brand was founded in 2020 in the midst of a world pandemic. Nyjua has a deeper love for health and wellness, and knew that she wanted to turn her passion into her purpose. STACKED By Ny continues to build a community through social media, inspiring others all over the world to become the best version of themselves through health and wellness, as well as feeling like the best version of themselves while wearing STACKED Apparel where ever they go!